Every year, Lifestyle Asia releases a list of 30 millennials who are changing the game. They are a new generation of power players—citizens filled with the ethos of hard work, boundless enthusiasm and the idealism of the young. Shooting for this year’s list began on December of last year. The team was up to the challenge of gathering these movers and shakers into our studio, photographing each of them, before picking their minds through intimate interviews. This tradition has lived on, and we are proud to present you with a new group of inspiring individuals.

Kaia Gerber, the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford and billionaire Randee Gerber, headlines the list of 30. The young woman graces our July 2018 Issue, titled The Millennial Issue. She is following the footsteps of her mother, taking the fashion world by storm. Her latest triumph was being named the new face for OMEGA’s Tresor collection. Lifestyle Asia was at the launch in Berlin, where we scored an exclusive interview with her. But who else is on the list?

To match Kaia’s influence, but this time in the Philippine setting, 30 young people were deliberated on and chosen for the Class of 2018. Before releasing the complete list, we thought we’d give you a little teaser. Can you guess who they are?

Lifestyle Asia Game Changers
Lifestyle Asia Game Changers (Photograph courtesy of Yukie Sarto)

The Asia Pacific Director for ConsenSys, a group focusing on business development, operations and regional growth strategy for one of the largest Ethereum-focused block chian technology companies in the world.

A young man balancing work as a nightclub DJ, while working for the family business, an old distillery that has been serving Filipinos spirits for the last two-decades.

A reporter unafraid to ruffle feathers, and is pushing for change in how we discuss sports in the Philippines.

Two brothers who are responsible for multiple shopping centers and communities located south of the metro. They have also recently opened hotels in Boracay and Palawan.

An impressive “Jack of All Trades”, who splits time staying healthy as spin instructor, while working a corporate job, owning a health food brand, and managing family farms in Tarlac.

A gentleman who started two startup businesses in hopes to revive the lost art of chivalry, kindness, and class amongst his fellow men.

Two extraordinary teen sisters who started Kids for Kids, a youth charity organization that is an outlet for change. To date, they have made positive impact for UNICEF Philippines and Yolanda victims, amongst others.

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Lifestyle Asia Game Changers
Lifestyle Asia Game Changers (Photography courtesy of Yukie Sarto)

A young woman who followed her heart and pursued a career in design. She now co-owns a swimsuit line that focuses on self-love and body positivity.

A third generation jeweler, immersing herself in the family business, while continuing countless philanthropic efforts.

The newly married owner of House of Ital, a curated furniture store with versatile pieces for any kind of customer.

A Filipino architect looking to elevate people’s lives through the spaces she has designed.

A lady boss running a website for wedding inspirations, while managing a branding company with international clientele.

An actress born into a thespian family, but is looking to forge her own path by starring and directing in her own independent productions.

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Lifestyle Asia Game Changers
Lifestyle Asia Game Changers (Photography courtesy of Yukie Sarto)

A passionate music lover hoping to elevate the local arts community through her work at German-American piano brand Steinway & Sons.

A Gemological Institute of America (GIA) accredited jeweler who has represented the Philippines at London Fashion Week’s International Fashion Showcase.

Three young brothers now taking the lead in their family business, a famous canned food empire that has been serving locals for the last 64 years.

An energetic young architect looking to promote sustainable materials in all his methods.

A journalist handling the digital food section of one of the country’s leading newspapers.

A budding artist who learns towards realism, still-life, and sceneries. She aims to spread positivity through her art.

A recent graduate of Tish School for the Arts, who has already worked in theater productions and television in both the United States and the Philippines.

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Lifestyle Asia Game Changers
Lifestyle Asia Game Changers (Photography courtesy of Yukie Sarto)

A Northwestern University graduate now serving as the Assistant Vice President of her family’s company, a top-of-the-line sunglasses distribution brand known for supplying luxury brands in the Philippines.

A Denmark-based chef now making her move to Ireland to open her own restaurant.

A litigation lawyer at Angara Abello Concepcion & Cruz Law Offices, whose research is soon to be published by the Asian Development Bank Institute. Soon, she will speak at an international conference for the United Nations in Vietnam.

One of the country’s up and coming fashion designers who has already showed at New York Fashion Week.

A 21-year-old student who balances studying in New York and running her distinctly Pinoy scent line back home in the Philippines.

Stay tuned for the complete list to be posted online. Currently, the Game Changers list is available in print addition in the July 2018 Millennial Issue (with Kaia Gerber on the cover). Run to the nearest bookstands on July 5 and get your copy, or download the FLIP100 app now for a digital version.