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Meghan Markle was once burning up television screens as a paralegal in the hit American television series Suits. Today, she is making plans for her royal wedding to Prince Harry, the 6th in the line of succession to the English throne. As the wedding day fast approaches (it’s set for May 19, 2018), we couldn’t help but wonder, what is the future member of the royal family giving up to live this real life fairytale?

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to wed this coming May 19 (Photograph courtesy of Time Magazine)
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to wed this coming May 19 (Photograph courtesy of Time Magazine)

Her Career as an Actress

When Suits was renewed for an 8th season, Markle announced she would not be returning to the show which made her a television star. It is well known that royals look down upon a member of their family having a profession in the entertainment industry. Even Princess Diana, whom the people loved, was disgraced from the House of Windsor because of her associations with the world of entertainment. Oscar-winning actress Grace Kelly also left her movie career behind when marrying the Prince of Monaco back in the day. But no worries, Markle will still have a career of sorts. She will have an abundance of royal duties and official business to do for the royal family. Moneyish.com also reports that several sources told them that the British monarchy is trying their very best to evolve. They cite that Queen Elizabeth II is trying to avoid the depressed and tragic fate of the woman in her court by encouraging them to have direction in their lives. This means there may be a possibility that Markle’s clothing line could continue business after she is married to Prince Harry. But for now, it remains a mystery.

Goodbye, Social Media for Privacy Purposes

In 2018, the royal family still hasn’t embraced social media. Markle has already voluntarily deleted her Instagram account and her blog. Royal expert Katie Nicholl, told InStyle magazine, “With regards to the social media, it was causing, I think a bit of apprehension back at Palace HQ. When you write a blog such as The Tig, you end up giving quite a lot of yourself away. You do end up inviting the cameras into your private life. Things such as Meghan posting pictures of her dogs in her bedroom lying on her bed, showing off the inside of her house, showing off her shoe collection, showing off her jewelry collection—all of those things would be things that would just, I think, send alarm bells ringing at the Palace.” This kind of makes sense to us. It is a given that social media provides privacy risks. Being married to one of England’s Princes does make one a target, so maybe this is for the best.

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The royal family has dictated that a woman in the house of Windsor must never remove her coat in public (Photograph courtesy of ABC News)
The royal family has dictated that a woman in the house of Windsor must never remove her coat in public (Photograph courtesy of ABC News)

Personal Fashion Picks  

The royals have strict fashion rules, so Markle cannot be just seen wearing anything when out in public. According to Bustle.com, there are many DO-NOTS in the House of Windsor. Firstly, one must never be bare-legged. A royal lady should always wear tights. The Queen also has a major disdain for wedges, meaning no woman can wear them in front of her. Coats should never be removed in public because it is considered unladylike. There is also a no colorful nail polish rule for the family. Only plain colors are allowed at royal events. Even Queen Elizabeth II has been sporting the same shade called Ballet Slippers (a light shade of pink) since 1989. In addition, members of the royal family must always have an all-black outfit prepared with them in all times in case there is a sudden death in the family. This became tradition when King George VI died in 1952 and Queen Elizabeth II had to rush home from Kenya wearing a normal dress. It just wasn’t considered proper form.

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