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Chef Jordy Navarra’s Toyo Eatery and the unusual spin they put on our local dishes has made him this year New PH awardee for Food & Cuisine. ” With the right combination of old and new, his passion and innovative concoctions show a new take on Filipino heritage.

Toyo Eatery is about Filipino food, relearned and re-experienced, a version of a song we know by heart, one infused by our own memories and Chef Jordy Navarra’s very specific point-of-view. Navarra dares to distort the familiar dishes, and the results are silog, pork barbecue and Bahay Kubo’s vegetables, that are different, inventive, creative and brave. These qualities led to Toyo Eatery, just turning two years old this year and still tottering on its feet, being honored the distinction of the prestigious Miele One to Watch Award for Asia, which is given to restaurants considered as the rising star of the region. “We’d be happy with Toyo as being one of the places that contributes to the narrative of what Filipino food and food by Filipinos can be. Hopefully the interest in Filipino food continues to grow,” says Navarra.

San Miguel Pale Pilsen salutes you.

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