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Scratching your head wondering what other recipes to try out for your next family luncheon? Or are you just tired from ordering the same regular takeout options? Good news. From hefty sandwiches to full-course feasts, Sheraton Manila’s S Kitchen and Oori has your wildest cravings covered.

Situated in the middle of Pasay’s vast urban jungle is Sheraton Manila Hotel. Known for its sleek and spacious rooms, its convenient proximities to NAIA Terminal 3 and House Manila, as well as its outstanding array of top-of-the-line dining options, Sheraton is one of the most acclaimed 5-star hotels in Metro Manila. 

With that sparkling reputation, you’re probably now itching for a full-on weekend staycation instead of a mere takeout lunch. Unfortunately, with lockdown restrictions still having a tight grasp on the hotel industry, a two-night reservation might not be in the books just yet. Luckily, the hotel’s signature hospitality won’t be fully out of reach; as its top restaurants S Kitchen and Oori now serve their signature dishes by express delivery, straight to your front door. Today, we’re helping you decide what’s for lunch; giving you the full spread on Sheraton Hotel Manila’s to-go menu.

Can I Get A Sandwich?

Whether you’re looking for starters, or you just want to skip on rice for a bit, S Kitchen To Go has a couple of delectable options for a solid sandwich meal.

At only PHP 150, this big boy is the Pulled Pork Sandwich; a mouthwatering American classic that has everything in one bite. At its right is its quirkier cousin, the Ube Cheese-Sig Burger. With its bright purple bun and sisig-style burger patty, this Pinoy twist on the quintessential burger will be a truly unique—yet familiar—devouring experience.

A Fleet Of Feasts

Now, for the main course. Picky eaters will have a field day in choosing from these four completely-unique platter options; with servings that will keep the entire family full.

If you’re sluggish about pulling out the grill for Sunday barbecue, the Barbecue Feast Platter is a fine option. Apart from a whopping 2-kg serving of baby back ribs, you also get an assortment of refreshing sides.

On the other hand, this whopping Crispy Pata spread below would fit snuggly in your Pinoy Fiesta feast. The platter comes with not only a hefty serving of the beloved pork dish, but also two local favorites in the Filipino-style Ensalada and Miki Bihon noodles.

For an aquatic craving, S Kitchen also boasts a massive Seafood Paella platter good for five to six hungry diners. With a PHP 1,600 price tag, you can get a little more flavor with the famous flavors of old Valencia.

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Trip To Busan

Korean night for dinner is about to get a little more authentic. Oori offers only the most scrumptious dishes from the land of the morning calm; from Kimchi Bokkeum Bap, to Beef Galbi Jjim, and more.

Tired of the regular fried chicken offerings found pretty much anywhere in the metro? This Korean-style K Chicken Box might just grant you a fresh experience of the dish at only PHP 800.

On the other hand, if you have never tried Kimchi Fried Rice before, here’s your chance. This Kimchi Bokkeum Bap platter already serves up to five to seven people; and yet each bite will still be packed with that authentic kimchi taste.

S Is For Sweet

Finally, a great meal will never be complete without a choice of lovely, handcrafted desserts. These offerings were made to satiate both your children’s—and even your own—sweet tooth.

Bristling with a parade of different toppings, the mouthwatering Filipino-inspired Ube-Macapuno cheesecake on the right remains consistent with the Ube theme we saw with the cheeseburger meal. The glistening golden creation on the left is a dazzling take on the Mocha Coffee Cake; built with chiffon and coffee buttercream layers.

For an ultimate example of decadence, Sheraton’s Signature Chocolate cake will leave you feeling sinful with its five layers of Belgian dark and milk chocolate at PHP 1,100.

With such an expansive menu, lockdown meals will feel less cooped up once your feast arrives at your tabletop. The best thing about it? You will still have a wide variety of options to try, after getting your first order in.

Planning to order? Be sure to check them out in the Foodpanda, Pickaroo, or GrabFood applications. For more details about Sheraton Manila Hotel, pay them a visit at their official website, or in their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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