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Often times, all a Korean Idol has to do is mention a product, or be photographed with one, for that item to sell out. From toothpaste to kitchen ingredients, here’s a random list.

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Tiffany Young: Hand Sanitizer

On her What’s In My Bag Video for Vogue Korea, SNSD’s Tiffany Young talked about her favorite hand sanitizer from the brand Tamburins. This quick mention was enough for the product to go viral: Tamburins reported that they ended up selling 8, 000 units of the product in one day.

D.O. (Do Kyungsoo): Soybean Paste

Actor and singer Do Kyungsoo from the idol group EXO has made a few items sold out. Known for his many talents, Kyungsoo is also an adept hand in the kitchen (in the military, he was an active soldier on cooking duty, which meant he was part of the team that cooked for his base for all three meals). On one cooking broadcast, he mentioned a soybean paste brand, saying it was delicious. The brand was sold out right after.

During the release of Kyungsoo’s solo album, the teaser video had eagle-eyed Filipino fans gawking: whoever was in charge of production design put two cans of Century Tuna in the background. The photo went viral and Century Tuna offered a code for fans to buy the items on Shopee. Filipino fans used up the code with gusto.

Jungkook: Fabric Softener

While replying to a fan, BTS’ Jungkook mentioned that his fabric softener of choice is Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner in the scent “Adorable” (or “Amber Blossom”). This mere mention was enough to ensure two months of the product being sold out in Seoul. Afterward, Jungkook expressed his thanks but lamented that he was now having a hard time finding his fabric softener of choice.

Ten: Toothpaste

WayV’s Thai member Ten is currently on quarantine in China, getting to prepare for Chinese promotions. Because his hotel room doesn’t have a food steamer, he showed off his steaming set-up: a dumpling balanced on two chopsticks on an electric kettle. What had fans buzzing was a tube of Curaprox Be You Gentle Everyday Whitening Toothpaste in the apple flavor. Ten’s Thai and Chinese fans went on a buying spree, ensuring that the product was sold out in both countries.

Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

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