Quarantine Perspective: Kelly Misa-Fernandez Shares How Beauty Helps Our Mental Wellness During This Uncertain Time - Lifestyle Asia

“A thought entered my mind for a brief moment—I can’t let any of them expire.”

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While it may seem like skincare and makeup are the last things we should be thinking about right now, I’ve realized that these “frivolous matters” have become just as essential to me as food and water in these past few months of quarantine.

More than what it does for me, which is essentially to beautify and lend me a youthful glow, they have also helped me take charge of these blended days. A feat that has allowed me to deal with moments of extreme worry, anxiety, and hopelessness, emotions I never had to deal with all at the same time.

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Of course, our current situation is unique, unlike any other we’ve experienced in the past. Practically the entire world has stopped, with most of us locked up at home under quarantine. This can bring out the worst in people, which is perfectly normal because the situation is anything but.

Allowing ourselves to accept our emotions and realities has been a daily struggle, but thankfully, as most of us are finding out, it is possible to take things one day at a time. At least, that’s what I realized, anyway. As I continue to focus on the now, the time I have in my hands, and what I can do to better my situation.

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So this discovery occurred to me one day as I found myself staring at my bathroom counter with all my skincare products lined neatly in a row. A thought entered my mind for a brief moment—I can’t let any of them expire.

Funnily, I meant this statement for the products in front of me but also for myself, as I was also looking at my reflection. And so I reached for my richest, most moisturizing face mask and vowed to myself to wear my serums and creams nightly.

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That’s when I began to establish a more rigorous skincare routine, which I do at night while supplementing it in the morning. Time is a gift we seem to have a lot of these days, and now, we can do each step relaxed and unhurried.

We can finally take our time as we go through each step—from cleansing (and sometimes exfoliating), toning, moisturizing, and moisturizing some more. The last time I was able to indulge in an extensive skincare routine was before my son was born years ago.

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I know how much of a luxury it is to pay so much attention to my skin, so I am never taking this time for granted. In fact, I consider myself and my skin lucky, because we have never looked better.

Establishing our quarantine skincare routine has never been more essential, as taking charge of our skin situation is therapeutic and beneficial to our overall wellness. Also, we may never have this much time in our hands again, so why waste this opportunity to give our skin the pampering it deserves?

This story originally came out in the September 2021 issue of Lifestyle Asia

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