A Phoenix Rising: Puey Quiñones Is Back With A Vengeance

  • October 28, 2017

Puey Quiñones’ recent collection is commanding and vindictive in nature. The controversial designer’s first solo show in 8 years premiered last October 26 at MEGA Fashion Week SS18—a show so powerful and so emotional in nature that it left some in tears by the very end, including Quiñones himself.

The collections were revealed in two different acts, the first aptly signifying a rebirth of some sort; Romantic silhouettes, intricate embroidery, sheer fabrics angelic in nature, pearl accents, and even playful tassels were present in the all-white bridal ensemble. Ultra feminine and exuding that of a Sofia Coppola-esque aesthetic, Quiñones’ first batch of creations were most definitely a stunner.

Act II however was a bold contrast to the designer’s airy, fluid bridal collection. It is here that audiences were taken aback by bold, vibrant colors, loud patterns (some beaded so intricately), mischievous accents, and confounding textures; Whilst random, each piece still clearly screamed that Quiñones signature that personalities such as KC Concepcion and Katarina Rodriguez love and adore.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Puey Quiñones is back and ready to rule the world once again.

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