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Technogym’s Personal Line also features a Red Dot Design winner and a collaboration with Vitra.

These days, many choose to stay home as much as possible—and with more attention placed on everyone’s health—having a dedicated space for wellness at home has become a necessity.

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In building your home gym, there are many considerations in picking the equipment, including design, safety, comfort, and proper biomechanics. But, as groundbreaking innovations continue to develop, perhaps the bigger consideration now is making technology work better for us. 

Every successful workout needs proper engagement and the confidence to go through each motion correctly. But because a personal trainer cannot be physically where you are to see you through each step of the way, having equipment that provides guidance becomes crucial. 

Technogym can bridge that divide. Its top-of-the-line equipment was designed with your needs and concerns in this new normal in mind. And, with its extensive workout content library that is built into each product they have, you can make your experience as personalized as you want it to be.

Groundbreaking firsts

Innovation and industry firsts have been tightly interwoven in Technogym’s DNA since it started in 1985. 

In 1996, the Cessena, Italy-born company was the first to create a software system tailored to manage training at the gym. It also spearheaded the first cloud-connected fitness equipment in 2012. 

With this priority mindset of connecting people, equipment, and fitness spaces, Technogym is clearly a forward-thinking brand.

Many around the world have embraced wellness as a total lifestyle concept, and Technogym’s efforts have seemingly played a major role in this rise. Its numbers don’t lie: a 35 million-strong global community in over 100,000 homes and 65,000 fitness facilities in 100 countries. 

The only question left to answer is: how can you be a part of this pioneering movement?

The Personal Line 

Technogym’s fitness principles are best exemplified in its Personal Line. This design-forward collection combines the award-winning style philosophies of designer Antonio Citterio with the brand’s 30-year experience of excellence. 

With state-of-the-art biomechanics technology and its constantly updated digital content availability, the Personal Line is made with the most luxurious materials and top-level craftsmanship. 

Imagine creating an entire home gym with this curated line, which has Technogym’s most popular pieces, including its treadmill, bike, recline, elliptical, kinesis, and power station. You can also integrate a few preferred pieces in your designated space, which are  guaranteed to look good in any corner of the house. 

More importantly, each piece of cardiovascular equipment of the luxurious Personal Line comes with the Technogym Live platform. This has the largest library of innovative digital workout content available today.

Technogym Live

A digital user interface that inspires you to embrace exercise as an essential part of daily life, Technogym Live is what sets the brand apart from others.

It was created to bring users the ultimate training experience through an interactive and extensive on-demand video library. This features guided trainer-led sessions, personalized athletic workouts, engaging outdoor virtual training, and endless entertainment options to stream. 

Regardless of where you are in your wellness journey, Technogym Live will help you reach your goals. It will keep you motivated and engaged, and have you looking forward to your every workout with the help of its ever-evolving content library.

With Technogym Sessions, you can choose an online trainer who will help you achieve your fitness goals and needs, whether it’s to lose weight, build stamina, or simply an encouraging push to start your journey. 

For more precise and athletic training, the Routines and Exercises content library has a plethora of intense workouts that can push your body to its limits. Outdoor Virtual Training, meanwhile, allows you to train anywhere in the world with different landscapes. 

Integrated into the Technogym Live console, you can also enjoy personalized entertainment content by streaming your favorite Netflix shows or by playing your go-to Spotify playlists apart from the normal staples of browsing the most popular websites or apps.  

A technological breakthrough and built into every piece of equipment is the revolutionary Technogym Coach platform, the first artificial intelligence trainer applied to fitness. It provides motivation, guidance, and an option to manage your data to tailor to your individual preference. With such variety in content, accomplishing goals has never been this much fun. 

Quick look

The Personal Line cardiovascular machines are not only equipped with the Technogym Live console, but also have an HD display, Treble Dolby Surround Tweeters, and of course, the design craftsmanship of Antonio Citterio.

Run Personal.  This collector’s item lets you experience a frictionless, easy, and personalized training session highlighted by superb lines created by Anotnio Citterio.

From left: Kinesis Personal; Run Personal

Kinesis Personal. You only need one square meter to mount a Kinesis Personal at home and enjoy 200 different strength exercises. Its FullGravity Technology™ allows for well-coordinated resistance training that helps improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

Bike Personal. Sleek and compact, the Bike Personal requires little square footage and can fit any dedicated wellness space.

From left: Bike Personal; Recline Personal

Recline Personal. The recipient of the 2012 Best of the Best Red Dot Design Award, it is the design of the Recline Personal’s seat that sets it apart. Co-designed by Vitra and Antonio Citterio, it replicates the style and features of former’s ID Chair.

Cross Personal. Just as sleek and polished, the Cross Personal gives you a total body workout without the stress to your joints.

From left: Cross Personal; Power Personal

Power Personal. For a trendy and high-performance workout, The Power Personal Collection pieces of the Rack Personal and Bench Personal give you the same heavy workout without the gritty look and feel.

For more information on Technogym, visit their official website and follow their official Facebook and Instagram page for the latest updates

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