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All while dressed to the nines, Atty. Migs Nograles maintains a deep connection to her roots and finds more ways to express herself

Bel Salvosa, the founder of Salvo Women, has long advocated the extraordinary qualities of a woman. Acknowledging specific traits and making each shine through a cut of fabric, she says, “Women have intricate, beautiful elements that allow us to create, grow, influence, and change the world. Every woman is unique and has her own beautiful and amazing power. What we do is create suits that amplify what is already phenomenal in a woman. Salvo is a power suit that boosts the exceptional qualities of a woman.” With the responsibility of ensuring her brand stays true to its core values, Bel is careful to choose the right woman to represent her brand.

Having had a bevy of prominent women from the social set don her tailored work, Bel proudly says that all these women share the same vision as hers. “I’d like to think of it this way. It’s both an inclusive and exclusive brand. It’s inclusive and available for all women whom we share the same vision with and exclusive just for women we only share our vision with.” After all, each creation is a product of collaborative vision. Bel works with her chosen Salvo woman making her style inclusive for every woman, yet exclusive to the lifestyle of its muse.

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The Epitome of a Modern-Day Woman

“Migs, by herself, is already extraordinary,” Bel says of Atty. Migs Nograles. “Aside from being a successful lawyer representing one of the most prestigious law firms in the country, Migs dedicates herself in enlightening her fellow citizens in Davao about their legal rights thru a local TV show which airs throughout various areas of Mindanao, Kalamboan Dala Tanan, together with her brother, Koko. She aims to uplift how the citizens live their lives and make Davao the best workplace and home that they can live in.”

Well-educated and well-accomplished, Migs has made a name for herself working for a top law firm, as a regular legal panelist and guest in a local television show, involved in a partnership in a local art gallery (Masters by Art Gallery Philippines), working for her family corporation, and delving in public service while teaching law. A woman who encapsulates the spirit of contemporary sensibilities, she perfectly personifies a woman who is capable of leading and managing a busy lifestyle yet still exuding the commendable grace and poise of a lady. The secret to her success is quite simple. “I think, more than anything, and regardless of your profession, you should always remain true to yourself, stick to your passion, and embrace your roots and your culture,” she reveals.

The Wonders of Power Dressing

Fashion, then, has become an avenue to express herself and bring out the confidence she has within. She shares, “When I was studying abroad on different scholarships in New York, Paris, London, and Oxford, I always made sure I wore something that represented the Philippines, and I would always get asked where I got those items. I think one of the most memorable experiences was when I was studying at Oxford. I remember walking down the street after class, and I was wearing a blue scarf made by a tribe in Mindanao (where I come from).”

“One lady approached me and asked me where I got my scarf. I shared with her that it was made from the tribes of my hometown.” The conversation was quite serendipitous, to say the least, with the lady turning out to be a professor in Oxford, who became a friend and staunch supporter of her work, which hopefully will be published in Law Journals soon. “Imagine, all of that was possible just because I decided to wear a Mindanaoan scarf one breezy afternoon!”

A Deep Connection to Her Roots

The Mindanaoan culture is close to her heart as Migs would spend all her breaks and free time from school in the region. “I admire my sister-in-law, Marga. On top of being a supermom to my nephews and niece and awesome wife to my brother, Karlo, she has really made a name by carrying our Mindanaoan culture through her brand, Kaayo, Modern Mindanao. And of course, staying closer to my heart, I would have to say my mom, Bebet and sister, Tinky. I really wouldn’t be where I am today without both of them. They’re one of the strongest women I know who always excel in everything that they do and look great while doing it, effortlessly. I can only hope to be half as beautiful and talented as both of them—the ultimate beauty and brains.”

Among many admirable women in the realms of global politics, Migs lists Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Amal Clooney as two of her favorite dressers on top of their uninhibited voice and unapologetic opinion. One is the youngest woman ever to serve in the US Congress, and the other a well-known barrister specializing in international law and human rights. Like her fashion heroes, Migs is no stranger to the art of power dressing. “It can be a way of communicating yourself to the world without having to use any words at all; it’s an unspoken language understandable to all,” she muses.

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The Multi-faceted Salvo Woman: Atty. Migs Nograles

A single day at work isn’t exactly as simple as it seems. For Migs, the varied settings of a typical workday demand a certain level of presentation, be it the use of a signature blazer, putting her hair up or down, or employing a specific set of accessories and makeup. She explains, “One can comfortably overcome the hurdles of the day, switching from one task to the next or even traveling from one place to the next—all while trying to exude confidence and conveying multiple personalities and traits—without having to use any words at all.” And whether the occasion calls for a serious set of heels in court or a toned-down look at a zoom law class she’s handling, the success and influence of a well-made look go a long way, continuing as she transitions to a fun evening out with friends or for a date. And perhaps it is this determined elegance that serves as both a precursor and catalyst for what makes a woman win.

“Women are unstoppable,” Bel confirms. “When we set our minds into something, we achieve it. When we give our hearts, ourselves to what we do, then nothing is impossible. When we remain true to what we want and how we can change the world, then everything is within our grasps. This is especially true with the women that we have collaborated with. We celebrate their identity, how they handle challenges, and how they conquer the world, and these reflect in the pieces that we make.”

SALVO WOMEN is located at 7838 Makati Avenue, Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City,1210. For inquiries, you may call at (02) 8242.85.57, email at <[email protected]>.

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