The first compact Mercedes-Benz SUV has come to Manila. The new GLA features a progressive new design, excellent off-road capabilities, improved interiors and exteriors, and aerodynamic quality. 

GLA X156, Facelift, Catalogue 2017-04

Drive down the swirling roads of Monaco on a cross-country European tour from Germany. Comfort, speed and safety are top of mind with such precious cargo onboard like your family. The new Mercedes-Benz GLA may be the ideal companion to such an adventure. Its off-road capabilities will allow you to drive and explore the lush greenery, its state-of-the-art technology will have your family equipped with all the conveniences needed, and new safety features will maximize the protection of your greatest treasures.

Since first making waves with SUV fans during its initial release in 2013, it comes with an extend line of engines and updated equipment. Right off the bat, car lovers will immediately be taken by the improved interior and exterior design, creating a powerful presence on the road. New bumper designers, light-allow wheels and attractive new color options makes the 2017 model a sight to behold. It is a car you will be proud off when parked outside the Casino de Monte-Carlo.

Like a well-made five-star hotel, the GLA is a good home on the road. Using innovative technology, passengers will always feel comfort even on road conditions, as the vehicle transfers all the drive power to the wheels. Naps are seamless even in long distances. The experience inside has only improved, due to the new upgrades made on the model over the years. ARTICO man-made leather with red contrasting top-stitching has been elegantly installed on the dashboard. A generous sized trim (as large as the car itself) is printed in matte with a high-gloss surface. Mercedes leaves nothing forgotten, even updating the needles in the speedometer for an impressive new look. It is now available in a dashing black, surrounded with a chrome frame. It feels as if you are in a cockpit of the high-tech private airplane.

GLA X156, Facelift, Catalogue 2017-04

The Power of An Airplane

The vehicle series has also been equipped with aerodynamic qualities. Fast drives through miles and miles of country will seem faster than even the most capable G5’s. The car also maximizes the lower possible fuel consumption and features very discreet noise levels even in the higher speeds. This is optimized through the inclusion of a low A-pillar step with a corresponding A-pillar geometry and aerodynamically optimized exterior mirror housings.

With a maximum output of 280 kW (381 hp) and 475 Nm maximum torque, the Mercedes-AMG GLA 45 4MATIC is one of the most powerful cars in its category. A speed of 100km/h is achieved from a standstill of just 4.4 seconds. The impressively agile 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo engine allows the vehicle to join the ranks of speed and efficiency of thoroughbred sports cars. A technology called Piezo uses a spray-guided director petrol injection to shoot fuel into the engine at the pressure of up to 200 bars. This, along with the combination of multi-spark ignition results to less exhaust emission and improves fuel efficiency.

Road trip driving from morning to evening is castle free with the SUV line. It is now equipped with LED High Performance headlamps, an improvement from the previously used b-xenon headlamps. New technology has taught the program to understand temperature similar to day light, automatically adjusting depending on the time of day. There are three intensity options for the car’s brake lights and indicators: full brightness for the harsh daylight, medium level for when cruising during the evening, and a lower level option best used during rush hour standstill. Your European road trip will never be hassled, as the level of brightness will adjust automatically for any weather condition and traffic situation. Additionally, energy conception is approximately 60 percent less than xenon and 70 percent less than halogen. This good practice means that no light bulbs will ever have to be changed during the vehicle’s entire lifespan.

GLA X156, Facelift, Catalogue 2017-04

A Car with a Mind of Its Own

The new creative services that the new SUV features allows owners to have the latest technological conveniences on their vehicles. The Smartphone Integration Package integrates both iPhones and android smart phones in the system. Connect to your apps by using a voice recognition system from the ApplyCarPlay and Android Auto apps for seamless connectivity. Although it is convenient to use your apps, Mercedes-Benz still prioritizes top safety. The Active Brake Assistant gives the sufficient distance from other vehicles as a warning to avoid collision. In addition, the Attention Assistant program uses your steering wheel behavior to measure drowsiness. If the pattern fits the bill, it will send drivers the proper warning. A Hands-Free Access feature is a new feat designed by the engineers of Mercedes. Paying more attention to the rear compartment of the GLA, the boot lid can easily be opened just through a foot movement. This hassle free technology reflects on Mercedes-Benz initial goal with the new SUV—innovative technology in a sleek design. You don’t need a European tour to feel like royalty.




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