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Through Grateful Tuesdays, the entrepreneur and chemist has helped almost 70,000 families around the country struggling through changing quarantine restrictions.

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Chemist, entrepreneur, and tablescape artist Pinky Tobiano started Grateful Tuesdays last year to help families, students, senior citizens, and displaced workers struggling during the pandemic. The Kumu show picked up by Cornerstone Entertainment shares inspiring stories of Filipinos who persevere amid difficult times and provide them with the aid they need.

To show their support, celebrities Piolo Pascual, Catriona Gray, KC Concepcion, and Ruffa Guttierez guest on the online series and share anecdotes on their realizations from the past year. 

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Even with the changing quarantine restrictions, Tobiano visits barangays to distribute food packs, rice, and monetary donations to its residents.

Most recently, right before the current lockdown, the chemist and CEO of Progressive Laboratories went to Katipunan Avenue to approach jeepney and tricycle drivers whose livelihoods would be paused due to another enhanced community quarantine. 

Lending a hand

In an Instagram post, Tobiano called for donations from her followers and viewers for Jojo, a tricycle driver from Taguig.

With his wife suffering from leukemia and given the restrictions of ECQ, Jojo was worried about how to cover his wife’s medication expenses. Tobiano added information on how people can donate by online transfers and said, “I hope you can join me in helping him.” 

A week later, the philanthropist posted a video handing P25,000 to Jojo in an envelope from the collated efforts of Grateful Tuesdays, Tobiano’s friends, and her program viewers. She tells him that the donation is to assist him with his wife’s medical expenses.

With Grateful Tuesdays, Tobiano has helped almost 70,000 families go through the pandemic. “I really go down the streets or into barangay halls and centers. And to share with everyone, I’m a cancer survivor, and I currently have an autoimmune challenge,” she says in a digital press event. 

She continues sharing that she’s not afraid to help people in person, thanks to her sanitation team and the disinfectants they utilize. 

Staying safe

During the pandemic, Tobiano formulated a concentrated disinfectant called Viralcyde Max and brought Spanish brand Sanvir Smoke to the Philippines. Tobiano adds that she “wouldn’t dare” go to public spaces if it wasn’t for such germicides.

“And some restaurants allow me to Sanivir. So if you see me in a restaurant, it means that the restaurant has allowed me to Sanivir it first before I go there,” she says. 

According to Tobiano, Sanivir can keep surfaces and areas protected for two weeks through active ingredients such as orthophenylphenol and glutaraldehyde. In addition, the product can be used in vacation homes and boats to avoid the growth of fungi and molds in your recreational spaces. 

In addition, Tobiano shares that the air disinfectant is routinely being used in local and international hotels and resorts like Balesin, Ritz Carlton, and The Farm at San Benito.

By using her professional knowledge and exercising her inclination to help others, Tobiano’s been highly involved in assisting Filipinos nationwide get through the hurdles the pandemic presents.

Early into the pandemic, Tobiano and her team of chemists also donated the disinfectants they formulated to hospitals PGH, East Avenue Medical Center, and National Center for Mental Health.

With her inspiring deeds, Tobiano is an example of an accomplished person who understands the significance of improving other people’s lives with her work.

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