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Bar hopping at all the new hot spots in the Fort or Makati goes hand in hand with endless shots to enjoy in the moment with your closest pack of friends. But the morning after is dreaded by all social drinkers. You should know this by now: every action has its consequences. It isn’t our fault you ordered another G&T before Happy Hour was up or was peer pressured to relive your college days with a Jaeger Bomb. But to help ease the pain, we’ve compiled a list of hangover cures that you could try at home and regret the night before in painless peace.


Drinking a lot of fluids will help ease the pain (Photograph courtesy of
Drinking a lot of fluids will help ease the pain (Photograph courtesy of

Drinks Lots of Water and Other Fluids

When getting up in the morning and regretting your late night rendition of Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go at some shady karaoke bar in Poblacion, it’s best to get your Klean Kanteen and fill it up to the brim with ice, cold water. Since your body is so full of alcohol, the only way to rehydrate yourself is good, old-fashioned H2O. Other good alternatives are sports drinks like Gatorade and Pocari Sweat, or a fresh batch of coconut water. Tea and fresh juice may help as well. Some scientists believe that coffee may not help you if you’re not a regular caffeine consumer. If you drink it on a daily basis and need it to get through the day, by all means have a cup! It will help boost your energy. If not, stay away from the stuff, you will get an even bigger headache! If you want to take it an extra mile, we hear Aivee is now offering IV drips for rehydration as well!

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Bedtime Preparations  

This one is tried and tested by your humble writer. After a night out, it is suggested to pre-prepare for the morning after. A simple painkiller like Biogesic actually helps sooth the pain a little. Even if you can’t function (all that tipsy dancing from Salsa night at Chihuahua must’ve sucked the life out of you) try your best to have a nice, cold shower before hitting the hay. It will help rehydrate your body and the morning after results may be eased a little better.

Avocado Toast (photograph courtesy of
Avocado Toast (photograph courtesy of

Eat Right

Despite popular belief, unhealthy and oily food fare such as pizza and burgers don’t actually help in curing hangovers. Though you may be craving a large foie gras burger from Lusso, we suggest you wait and eat healthy for now. Eggs are believed to help improve hangovers. It contains taurine, which helps improve liver function. Carb-loading (I know—the horror!) is also a good way to absorb the alcohol in your system. A one-two punch would be a nice, like a healthy bowl of chicken noodle soup, which will provide you with both carbs and fluids. Other foods that will help include toast with fatty foods like egg or avocado, and cereal and oatmeal for their calcium and carbs. 

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A Bloody Mary cocktail (photograph courtesy of
A Bloody Mary cocktail (photograph courtesy of

The Hair of the Dog That Bit You

They often say the best cure for a hangover is consuming the hair of the dog that bit you. The saying originated hundreds of years ago, when people believed that putting the hair of a rabid dog inside a drink could act as medicine against rabies. In today’s day and age, alcohol drinkers have reinterpreted that to “drink some more!” This is how the famous Bloody Mary morning cocktail was invented. Although water is definitely the proper alternative to getting healthy and rehydrated, many believe that if merrymaking was done with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the only way to shoo the hangover away is another glass of the premium scotch. But remember, don’t get intoxicated again (be responsible)! A small cocktail or shot will just ease the pain of the hangover temporarily. It won’t make it go away 100% but at least you can get through the morning with ease.

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This May Not Work…But You Can Try?

If you’re one of those people who just need to lay down and not be bothered to get over a hangover, it’s a good time to NETFLIX and chill and wrap yourself up in an air-conditioned room like a burrito. They say nothing is better than sleep, and that may be true, but never forget your old friends Ronald McDonald, the Burger King, Wendy, and Colonel Sanders are only a phone call away. We won’t tell anybody if you won’t. They’ll add comfort to your lives on even the darkest of hangover days, and sometimes comfort food is all you need to get through the day!


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