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To many, actress Iza Calzado is the epitome of elegance. She recently made a splash in Jerrold Tarog’s Bliss, a psychological thriller that finds her playing a disabled actress descending into madness while being trapped at home. The film was highly received, and Calzado received a Best Performance notice at the Osaka Film Festival in 2017. Behind the glamour of the entertainment industry, Calzado recently admitted that she herself has body insecurities, brought about by the media’s unrealistic standards of beauty.

Actress Iza Calzado shares that The Farm in San Benito helped her mend a broken heart and overcome body image issues
Actress Iza Calzado shares that The Farm in San Benito helped her mend a broken heart and overcome body image issues

Calzado was brave enough to step forward and talk about the common problems many women her age are experiencing—from issues concerning body weight to how thinness is equated to healthiness. The 36-year-old shared her secret on what helps her remain happy and healthy. She is a regular visitor at The Farm at San Benito, the five-star holistic medical wellness resort, located at Lipa in Batangas. Just a 90-minute excursion out of Metro Manila, the health center is surrounded by 48 hectares of lush green jungle and stunning mountain views. It is also well-equipped with countless facilities, treatments and services that help visitors achieve the best versions of themselves. The actress shares her life changing experience at the multi-awarded medical resort.

“I had heard about The Farm since I was new in show business. The big stars would visit the Farm and I always wanted to go. Finally, I went in 2011, when I was trying to heal a broken heart. The first time was very emotional. My three day stay really helped me at that time. The place became my utopia! Every time I go there, it never loses its effect on me. I am instantly centered and happy,” shared Iza, who continued to say remaining healthy became her top priority after the trip. “Getting thin is just a side effect. Your size doesn’t always equate to your overall health!”

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The Farm's Big Lagoon. The resort offers lush mountain views and hectares upon hectares of jungle.
The Farm’s Big Lagoon. The resort offers lush mountain views and hectares upon hectares of jungle.
Iza Calzado with Dr. Marian Alonzo
Iza Calzado with Dr. Marian Alonzo

More Than a Luxury Destination

Commonly known as a spa destination for the discriminating crowd, The Farm at San Benito offers much than massages and bespoke fruit cocktails to sip by the pool. They also provide programs that help individuals in their holistic formation, like medically-guided detox procedures, weight management, diabetes prevention, and heart, pain and mental health management. They also that positive mental and spiritual health is as equally important as good physical health.

“The Farm is magical and serene—a perfect place to heal your body, mind and spirit. The doctors at the Holistic Sanctuary are well trained in integrative medicine. The programs are personalized, and it caters to unique individual needs. I swear by the healing that Dr. Marian Alonzo can do for your mind, body, and soul. I am a big fan of the Colema treatment. The spa treatments make you feel so relaxed and pampered. I feel that the toxins are flushed out of my system whenever I undergo Skin Kayud and Hilot Haplos. And of course, I love coming to The Farm because the place is pet-friendly,” Iza Shares.

The Farm at San Benito's Acqua Sanctuary is equipped with the latest in hydrotherapy
The Farm at San Benito’s Acqua Sanctuary is equipped with the latest in hydrotherapy

In addition to the holistic treatments, The Farm also remains updated with the latest in hydrotherapy. Their Acqua Sanctuary provides the latest premium treatments involving the external use of water for healing. For instance, the Vichy Shower Treatment is a water massage that helps blood flow and circulation, reduces toxins and boosts the immune system. On the other hand, Kneipp therapy treatments switches between hot and cold water to help chronic fatigue, emotional stress and rheumatism. Other treatments include Pressurized Vitality Showers (to help ease and relax muscles) and a sensory deprivation chamber that helps guests medicate, reduce anxiety and achieve better sleep, amongst others.

Journey to a Better You

“I recommend The Farm to anyone in need of healing. I initially visited the place to heal a broken heart! It’s crucial for us to prioritize our inner self and peace because truly, we only have one body and one life,” shared Calzado. Today, the actress has come a long way from her first visit at the wellness center. She is more confident, and continuing to make her mark in her industry. Her love for The Farm is mutual, with the luxury resort proclaiming their love for the actress, especially for her passion in health and wellness and her advocacy in shedding light on body insecurities. She recently launched a women’s empowerment campaign entitled The Body Revolution, with an organization called She Talks Asia, to help promote self-love and self-care.

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Iza Calzado at the Acqua Sanctuary
Iza Calzado at the Acqua Sanctuary

Today, The Farm is offering patrons looking for a quick escape from the city to come and enjoy their San Benito sanctuary. Fast visits to the luxury health resort will leave patrons revitalized, re-energized and peaceful with offers and activities such as guided meditation, functional fitness, powerwalks, and nutrient-rich vegan meals for your enjoyment and wellness. Room rates start at PHP 10,000++ per night for two adults and two kids. Promo is valid Sundays through Thursdays until September 30, 2018 only.

For those looking to stay longer, opt for their Health Optimization programs and get as much as 30% off in treatments focused on destressing, beauty and vitality, detoxification, weight management, diabetes prevention, hearth health, pain management, metal health, and fitness and sports enhancement.

Start like Iza Calzado, and begin a journey to a better you.

For more information or reservation at The Farm at San Benito, please contact +632 884 8074/ +63 918 884 8080 or email [email protected]/ [email protected] or visit

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