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We can’t practice self-love everyday without including this in our daily routines

These days, it’s not only about loving others. We must also remember to put ourselves first, which is what self-love is all about. When we think about activities that could fit right in the spectrum of self-care, a myriad of things come to mind, and engaging in our skincare routine probably tops the list. Skincare is a form of investment, so it’s no surprise that we may splurge on the best products for our face and body from time to time. However, we tend to forget that our feminine area deserves to be taken care of as well. Feminine care is the foundation of self-love, and HH Herb & Health elevates the self-love movement with their products that are infused with natural ingredients, making each one ideal to use on the daily.

This luxury Taiwanese feminine hygiene brand is where herb and health collide–herb for the natural and environmentally friendly ingredients used, and health for its hypoallergenic formula. Founded by Doris Chen, HH Herb & Health came about after Chen herself started experiencing infection due to her incredibly busy schedule that led to having less time to thoroughly take care of herself. She decided to work on a feminine care brand that’s infused with natural ingredients because she believes that every woman should be able to include feminine care in our self-care routines without worrying about harmful side effects.


Self-care goes beyond what’s seen from the outside

More than just the body-loving effects from our skincare regimens, we should also remember that even our most covered body parts need some TLC. Similar to facial care routine, HH Herb & Health also has a variety of feminine products like feminine wash, odor soothing spray, and whitening serums to complete an all-around feminine care routine. What’s even better is that the brand makes feminine care a relaxing activity as all fragrances created by a professional ISIPCA perfumer are infused with natural essential oils–a spa-like experience indeed.

HH Herb & Health aims to target every woman’s intimate concerns, and they do so with their Plant Extraction Antibacterial Feminine Wash that keeps our feminine areas at bay as it balances our pH level with a four mid-acidity formula and five main extracts: Houttuynia Cordata to reduce odor and inflammation, Aloe to moisturize and repair the skin, Chamomilla to improve circulation and brightness, Oats to sooth and balance the skin, and Sliver Needle White Tea to prevent cell damage caused by free radicals. It also provides gentle cleansing with its bacteria-killing formula, making it an optimal product for cleaning.


The HH Herb & Health Odor Soothing Spray can easily boost our mood with its refreshing and calming scent while the plant extracts and pH-balancing formula help moisturize and reduce possible problems our intimate areas may experience. Used for odor protection, it’s made with 8 to 10 essential oils for a spa-like aroma, as well as Mint Fish that acts as a deodorant, Chamomilla that whitens, Aloe that moisturizes, and Pomegranate that acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. It even has a cooling effect thanks to its non-chemical citrus fragrance, which makes it perfect for the hot and humid weather.

Plant Extraction Antibacterial Feminine Wash and Odor Soothing Spray in Citrus Cool

The spray also comes with a different variation, the Odor Soothing Spray PLUS – Cranberry Cool, which is infused with Cowberry Leaf that improves circulation, and Sliver Needle White Tea that prevents inflammation, apart from the ingredients the former has as well. Because the stuffy feeling and scent are stronger on red days, this spray becomes ideal during those times with its upgraded formula and protection through an improved cooling effect and double lactic acid.

The Whitening Firming Serum, one of HH Herb & Health’s top-selling products, faces feminine area problems that could decrease our confidence head on. In just seven days, the serum not only effectively whitens, but also prevents pigmentation with its lightweight but highly concentrated formula of Ester C. Meanwhile, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil lock in moisture while preventing roughness and dryness, Rosehip Oil helps with anti-skin aging, and Silk Oil improves hydration and further moisture retention. It even prevents skin aging through the French SEDERMA Patented formula.

Aside from the products we apply on our feminine area, the closest thing to it should be clean and stain-free as well, so it’s crucial that we wash our delicates properly. The HH Herb & Health Panties Stain-Free Detergent adds more protection as it breaks down stains such as sweat, urine, and blood on our underwear. It contains Microbicide E-520 antibacterial and anti-mold ingredients that prevent bacteria and mold growth, and lactic acid probiotics that give added comfort after washing.

Whitening Firming Serum and Panties Stain-Free Detergent

Being the large umbrella that it is, self-love includes different activities to soothe our worries, and feminine care is and has always been one of them. HH Herb & Health and their products infused with natural ingredients are on the right track in ensuring we keep our intimate areas in mind as well.

For more information on HH Herb & Health and their naturally-made feminine care products, visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. You can also try their self-love quiz to find out which skincare routine best suits you.

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