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Investing in a Cartier metal bag tag may help you spot your suitcase quicker than before.

Now that the world is slowly opening up, the possibility of travel has returned. So while you’re applying for your “Yellow Card” or international vaccine certificate to travel safely, we’ve rounded up some essentials you might forget to pack. 

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From a four-compartment currency case to a portable air purifier (a new normal thing), you can consider clicking the purchase button right now or add them to your Christmas wish-list. 

Cartier lacquered gold-toned metal travel tag

This Cartier metal bag tag can be helpful for those who have trouble finding their suitcases in conveyor belts—especially if you lean toward suitcase colors that don’t stand out. Besides the strap, this piece is made of pure metal, so its shine may help you spot your bag from far away.

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Sophie Billie Brahe velvet jewelry case 

Packing jewelry can get tricky—they’re precious but often small, so the risk of misplacing them is high when stashed in random pouches. However, this 100 percent velvet, Italian-made pouch is designed specifically for holding jewelry. Now, no matter how near or far your destination is, your dainty jewelry pieces have a dedicated compartment.

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Emilio Pucci Rugiada print travel slippers

Emilio Pucci’s travel slippers come with a pouch so you can chuck them into your carry-on and wear them in flight. And after long days of strolling around a new city, you can come back to the hotel and change into them—it’s worth the investment if you usually find hotel room slippers flimsy.

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Keysmart CleanLight Air Pro Ionic Air Purifier 

Valuing a germ-free environment was heightened during the pandemic. Even if it pushes establishments to advance their heightened and cleaning protocols, you can still take extra steps to be safe. 

Keysmart’s battery-powered air purifier uses UV-C rays and negative ion technology to kill microorganisms and “99.9% of pathogens” from its surroundings. In addition, it’s only 3.25 inches wide and 3.25 inches in height, so it’s easy to carry around.

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Smythson Mara croc-embossed leather case

Many rely on international credit cards when traveling, but cash is still king. This Smythson currency case provides four zipper compartments, which you can color code to a specific country’s currency. Now, you can stay organized and separate your Euros from your British Pounds when on a European vacation.

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Off-White For Passport wallet

The Virgil Abloh helmed brand is known for stating the obvious. Although you might not be a fan of their checkered shirts labeled “check shirt” across them, the statement prints could be helpful when traveling. 

Since the shape of passport holders are similar to wallets or pouches, you can quickly identify which case holds your passport—find the case labeled just that.

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