EEI’s Digital Transformation Results In A Win-Win Situation

EEI Corporation has intensified its digital transformation following positive gains for both its clients and the economy

The affiliate of the Yuchengco Group of Companies started its journey towards digital transformation prior to the onset of COVID-19 pandemic in implementing a variety of technology innovation initiatives in the pipeline. 

Staying ahead

One of EEI’s latest innovations has been the Reality Capture technology, which was utilized to address the mobility restrictions and challenges brought about by the pandemic. In enabling remote job site monitoring and supervision, EEI’s management and project teams gained unparalleled access to visual ground truth in the form of regularly collected jobsite photos compiled using 360 degree cameras.

“The use of Reality Capture has enabled our Corporate Safety Department to broaden the reach of our HQ-based safety surveillance across various job sites despite the mobility restrictions,” said Engineer Wilfredo Sison, EEI Manager for safety, health, environment and security.

In the area of engineering and design, EEI has adopted the Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes, or the usage of three-dimensional (3D) models. With a great number of EEI’s commercial and residential projects already employing 3D modeling and coordination, the implementation has hatched positive project outcomes, and EEI’s clients are beginning to take notice.

“BIM-based processes allow EEI’s project team to help all project stakeholders identify potential design conflicts before construction started. EEI’s Engineering and BIM team was able to facilitate workshops that enabled our design consultants to determine the most effective solutions for design conflicts between the underground utility lines and the structural components of the building. This process of using 3D models to facilitate problem solving could’ve taken longer to resolve using the traditional method of comparing two-dimensional (2D) design drawings,” Engr. Richard Luciano, head of Northern Luzon Operations for Dreambuilders Pro Inc., a subsidiary of FILINVEST, pointed out.

Meanwhile, EEI has also adopted the Common Data Environment (CDE) as a primary tool to manage project information and coordination related to specifications, resources requirements and various issues that are encountered during the execution phase of the construction program. 

CDE replaces paper-based document controls and a fragmented set of electronic information exchanges such as email or electronic files shared using various type media with one common platform.  Although still in the nascent stage of deployment, employees using it are already experiencing a better way of doing their work, according to EEI.  

“CDE allows our project management team to track and to share information that aided me to work faster as all our latest documents, worksheets, and drawings are easily accessible. Having a CDE lowers the risk of miscommunication resulting in costly errors and unnecessary delays that can now be foreseen and prevented. Saving time means saving money,” said Engr. John Carlo Sanchez, engineering head at one of EEI’s plant projects.

EEI senior vice president for business transformation Glenn Villasenor stressed that investing on digital innovation is a win-win situation for both EEI and its clients. “We view technology as an enabler for us to maximize our resources and take on more projects, without increasing the same resources and costs needed for executing them. Desirable outcomes such as this would hopefully motivate more stakeholders to pursue many more projects that will improve the lives of Filipinos.” Villasenor said.

Meanwhile, EEI assistant vice president for corporate development Jesus Teodoro Reyes said that like any transformation effort, the digital journey is less about the technology itself and more about enabling and equipping people. “We recognize that 90 percent of the transformation effort is about helping our employees, managers and senior leaders navigate around this change and perform better at their jobs. Choosing the right technology is the easy part,” Reyes said. 

“This is why most of the corporation’s attention is on the mindset, handset and heart-set changes that employees across all levels will have to undergo. After all, we are mobilizing people, not software and processes.”

For more information, visit EEI at their official website for the latest updates.

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