Cozy British Cottages To Cuddle In This Valentine’s

  • January 18, 2018

Call up your sweetheart right now because this is an emergency. With Valentine’s Day coming for us at the speed of light, a sense of urgency must be raised. Flowers and chocolates are for the lazy; It’s 2018 and changes must be made. Ditch the usuals and book a plane ticket right now to these quaint little cottages that will put all your amigas’ Valentine’s Day stories to shame. They’re lush, they’re classy, and they’re faaar away from all the fully-booked places you’d have to haggle your way into this season.

You’re welcome.

Moorland View Cottage
Dartmoor, Devon


If Marvin Gaye were to resurrect as a cottage, this would be it. The love nest of your dreams, the Moorland View Cottage is the perfect backdrop to a multitude of occasions, whether it be a honeymoon, valentine’s day, or a place to elope to as you try to salvage your forbidden love affair. Sink into luxurious silk bedsheets and bask in rooms meticulously decorated to look like a set from a Nancy Meyers film. Cozy up in the receiving area in the arms of the two things you love the most—your man and your wine. Don’t forget to try the tub, too. It’s divine.

Starts at £140/night, depending on the season.

Moorland View Cottage, North Bovey, TQ13 8RA, Devon, United Kingdom
Phone: 07786 264865
Email: [email protected]

Water Cottage
Kersey, Suffolk

Water 3

90 minutes away from London is the quaint little village of Kersey, which houses the perfectly restored Water Cottage—the perfect backdrop to your next series of Instagram posts. This timber framed number has a massive inglenook fireplace that can warm up even the coldest of hearts. Look out the window and reminisce on the good old days as you take in the fantastic view the vibrant cottage garden has to offer. Spend a cozy Sunday night under the sheets (you can choose from the cottage’s 3 bedrooms). Dogs (well-behaved, as specified) are welcome to enjoy the place with you.

Starts at £85/night, depending on the season.

Water Cottage, The Street, Kersey, Ipswich, Suffolk
Email: [email protected]

Hex Cottage
Sibton, Suffolk

We’re convinced that fairytales are fact and not fiction, all thanks to Hex Cottage. Look at it. No seriously, look at it. What seems like the former nesting place of Snow White and her seven dwarves, this quirky thatched cottage located in the Wilderness estate in Suffolk is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Enjoy gazing into your lover’s eyes over candlelight (no electricity!) and a cozy picnic under the stars. As for views, you’ve got access to your own meadow. What a dream. The Hex Cottage also has its own herb garden (fresh!) and a fireplace where you and your significant other can discuss relevant topics like feminism, politics, and who’s in-charge of doing the laundry when you guys get back. How cute.

Starts at £252/night, depending on the season.

Yoxford Rd, Sibton, Saxmundham, Suffolk
Phone: 020 7484 5700
Email: [email protected]

Coverack, Cornwall


This seaside bohemian cottage has been hiding from us all these years, and we feel very insulted. It’s a gem, and we’re so mad we haven’t found out about it sooner. Imagine: a welcoming pastel-pink gate which leads you to a heaven made of pastel colored interiors, big baths, well-lit rooms, seaside views, and beds ready to accommodate all the cozying-up you’ll be doing over the course of your stay. It’s sophisticated, sexy, and everything a couple needs to keep things spicy. Don’t even think about this one. Just go and take one for the team, please.

Starts at £198/night, depending on the season.

Phone: +44 (0) 1637 881183

by Samantha Masigan