Cartier x Ocean’s 8: See the Beautiful Diamond Necklace Made for the New Heist Film

  • June 11, 2018

Movie fans are excited for the release of Ocean’s 8 in Manila, this coming June 13, 2018 (Wednesday). The new addition to the franchise (made famous by director Steven Soderbergh and leading men George Clooney and Brad Pitt), is highly anticipated for its new twist: the leads are now a cast of extremely talented actresses, headed by Oscar winners Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Anne Hathaway.

Bullock (who won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in The Blind Side), plays Debbie Ocean, who puts together a professional crew of specialists to steal Cartier’s iconic Toussaint necklace during the Met Gala, which is to be worn by actress Daphne Kluger (Anne Hathaway). Warner Brother’s is set to release the film this week. It is directed by Gary Ross, from a screenplay by him and co-writer Olivia Milch.

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The Jeanne Toussaint Necklace made for Ocean's 8
The Jeanne Toussaint Necklace made for Ocean’s 8
Anne Hathaway wears the Jeanne Toussaint Necklace to the Met Gala in Ocean's 8
Anne Hathaway wears the Jeanne Toussaint Necklace to the Met Gala in Ocean’s 8

U.S. Box Office reports this weekend have shared stellar opening weekend figures for the film, which shot to the top spot with $41.5 million in ticket sales. It is expected to do well in the Philippines as well, with crowds excited to see a star-studded cast rock it in only the best of fashion and the wittiest of scripts. In addition, luxury French jeweler Cartier is providing the ultimate eye-candy for the film, coming on board as the movie’s official partner. Cartier’s High Jewelry workshops on rue de la Paix in Paris was commissioned to create very specific pieces for the motion picture. Many cast members were adorned in frost from the Cartier Collection to the current New or High Jewelry line during filming. The masion flew each piece from Paris to New York for five consecutive nights of filming the epic climax.

The most impressive of the pieces used for the film is also the most significant to the story. The Jeanne Toussaint Necklace is a tribute to the brand’s Creative Director from the 1930s. She was believed to have established the company’s stylistic identity, by fully embodying Cartier through her fearless spirit and effortless style. She was a big fan of India and the opulence of Majarajas, which reflected on her work.

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The Majaraja of Nawanagar
The Majaraja of Nawanagar
Cartier was able to remake the necklace by using old photographs from their archives
Cartier was able to remake the necklace by using old photographs from their archives

The original Jeanne Toussaint Necklace was designed for the Maharaja of Nawanagar by Jacques Cartier in 1931. Although it no longer exists, the brand used their extensive archives to recreate the necklace from old photographs. Adjusted to fit Anne Hathaway’s measurements, it is 15% to 20% smaller with dismountable bezels. Instead of the colored diamonds the Maharaja wore, the new piece has been fitted with colorless diamonds for a timeless feel. Cartier announces that they were extremely proud of the new piece, which was built to withstand any manipulations during filming. Much attention was paid to the settings and finishing, so close-ups using high-definition cameras would not show any imperfections. Run to the cinema this week and catch Ocean’s 8 for fun, adventure, and to experience Cartier’s world of luxury.

Ocean’s 8 opens in theaters this June 13, 2018. In the Philippines, Cartier is located at Greenbelt 4, Rustan’s Shangri-La, and Newport Resorts World.