Bucket List: Dubai Houses Another Guinness Record Holder With The World's Deepest Diving Pool - Lifestyle Asia

It features a “sunken city” immersed in its 60-meter depth.

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The world’s tallest building, fastest roller coaster, largest fountain, and most recently, the globe’s deepest indoor pool are all in Dubai. The Pearl Diving Pool is a sixty-meter-deep pool that holds 14.6 million liters or 3.9 million gallons of water. 

“That’s not even the most interesting aspect, really,” Deep Dive Dubai director Jarrod Jablonski says in an interview. “It’s themed as a sunken city which is fascinating for divers, free divers, and scuba divers to explore.” 

In its depths, the Guinness World Record-holding pool has different themes built underwater. Given its massive size, the facility says it will take several dives to traverse the diving pool and all its built-in attractions fully.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore a “sunken city,” a dive into this indoor pool would tick that off your bucket list.

The perfect dive

In addition to a dive that ensures you’ll see interesting man-made sights, Deep Dive Dubai promises “the perfect dive” every time. In the pool, that size is equivalent to six Olympic-sized swimming pools, the water is kept at a comfortable 30 degrees. In contrast to a dive in the ocean, your booking won’t get canceled due to poor weather conditions, rough seas, and boat breakdowns.

When it comes to sanitation, advanced, NASA-developed technology is utilized to ensure the water stays pure. By using siliceous volcanic rock filters, the water circulates through the Pool every six hours.

While for safety and in case of accidents, the facility is equipped with a 12-person hyperbaric chamber. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective treatment for decompression sickness caused by a rapid decrease in pressure around you. It’s something nice to know if you’re about to plunge into a depth of 169.9 feet. 

Additonally, all divers are monitored closely on a large screen through the 56 cameras covering the entire pool. 

Camera ready

The Pearl Diving Pool won’t only cater to dive enthusiasts but also to filmmakers looking to shoot scenes underwater. Other features the facility includes that can help in filmmaking are its sound speakers that are heard up to 15 meters deep, the 150 underwater lights, and its ability to control mood lighting by closing shutters and adjusting each light’s intensity. 

For now, to experience the world’s deepest pool is by invite only. Bookings are not yet available to the general public; however, you can be notified when you may secure a slot. Considering the pool is a world record holder, equipped with the latest technology, and features unique attractions, a one-hour drive will cost between US$135 to $410. 

Photo from @deepdivedubai on Instagram.

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