Once American Express, Always American Express

  • April 11, 2018


From spending on family vacations to pursuing passions and buying precious gifts for loved ones, American Express has been a trusted brand in the Philippines for 102 years.

For over a century, American Express’ core values of trust, security and service remain unchanged. The brand continues to provide its Cardmembers with global services and access to products, insights, and experiences that enrich lives and build success.

Today, we tell stories of how American Express has become intertwined with the lives of its Cardmembers.

For Evelyn Singson, there’s only ever been American Express. It was her first credit card in the 1970s. She loves the service and peace of mind it provides her whether here or abroad, and how it assists her in the seamless purchase of items and creation of timeless memories.

When asked about his favorite memory with American Express, Chef Fern Aracama gleefully recounts the time he was able to purchase a brand new kitchen for his new home using just his American Express Card.

The American Express Concierge Program is Trina Alindogan’s favorite part of being a Cardmember. As a frequent business traveller and her family’s designated trip planner, Trina loves the ease of booking flights and hotels with her American Express Card.

Marielle and Leo Po started using American Express Cards in 2009 when the partnership between Cathay Pacific and American Express was first announced, which fit in perfectly with their love for travelling.

Tyrone Tang recalls the first time he saw an American Express Card—in his dad’s wallet from when they would travel. Following in his father’s footsteps, Tyrone now uses an American Express Card as well when travelling with his family and creating lasting memories.

Watch as the Cardmembers narrate their favorite memories with American Express: