A List of Random (But Truly Fun) Things to Do on a Rainy Day

  • June 22, 2018

There are plenty of fun things to do during a rainy day. Gallery hop around Manila, curate your closet like organizing expert Marie Kondo, try the best Peking duck the city has to offer, or book a staycation at the hottest spa resorts—we’ve got a list of suggestions!

Staud Moreau Bucket Bag
Staud Moreau Bucket Bag

Curate Your Closet (Reminder: Out with Old, In with the New)

Whether you’re off to the mall to purchase an entirely new wardrobe for the rainy season, or clearing out old clothes with Marie Kondo’s amazing decluttering methods, there is always room for fashion during the long, wet season. Numerous luxury brands have refilled their shelves with the latest fashions. Although international seasons are still at Spring/Summer 2018, we’re lucky that with our tropical weather, dressing light is still an option (it’s all about mixing and matching). Wear your easy-breezy “anywhere” wrap dress from Réalisation Par with a cute coat from Givenchy, and you’re good to go (click here to see our Ultimate Millennial Luxury Shopping Guide).

SSI, who just celebrated their 30th year anniversary, has also partnered with Citibank this year to enhance shopping experiences through their “Spend Anywhere” campaign. If you have a Citibank credit card, you will be gifted P500 shopping credits with every P10,000 purchase starting this July till September, 2018. “Love to Shop”, a promo running from June 2018 to May 2019, is offering installment and differed payments schemes for as long as 24-months. Before you go trigger happy with your credit card, it may be best to clear some space in your walk-in closets. Read up on Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. The Japanese writer is also an organizing consultant, who suggests interesting ways for decluttering, including removing pieces with negative energy. You’ve got the time to reminisce on each and every garment, especially when you don’t want to be stuck in crazy Manila traffic.

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The Hobbiton set is one of the New Zealand's most visited attractions. Your first glimpse of The Shire will be a magical feeling you remember forever.
The Hobbiton set is one of the New Zealand’s most visited attractions. Your first glimpse of The Shire will be a magical feeling you remember forever.

Travel to a Sunny Destination (or Have a Local Staycation)   

Although the rain doesn’t seem to want to stop on our islands, it’s still sunny and beautiful in other parts of the world. The Lifestyle Asia team has been able to explore some new locations that might capture your fancy. Step out of your comfort zone and book a ticket to Bhutan. The country has a lot to offer, including lush greenery, a rich heritage, and the opportunity to find peace in one of its many temples. New Zealand is another option. Although it is winter in New Zealand this month, the subtropical climate is still more ideal than the swamped streets of Makati City (at least you get the sun with a cold breeze!). Check out Hobbiton and bring out your inner fanboy, enjoy designer gelato at Auckland staple Giapo, or be suspended 192-feet above ground with only a harness to support you. There are a lot of adventures waiting for you in New Zealand!

For those who want to stay in the Philippines, there are several luxury hotels that could meet your every need. Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, for instance, is basically a resort oasis located in the heart of Manila. Eat at the famous Spiral buffet, then enjoy time sleeping-in the entire day in one of the hotel’s well-appointed suites. Anya, a premiere resort located in the Tagaytay countryside, offers a premium spa experience that will give your body and mind peace. After trying all the treatments, seclude yourself in your villa (which has beautiful views of Tagaytay’s iconic pineapple fields) and enjoy the amenities. Traveling around the Philippines can be just as romantic in the rain as it can be when the sun is out. Think that rainy day in the Hampton’s with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson listening to La Vie en Rose on loop in 2003’s Something’s Gotta Give. 

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The Toe Shoe Circle invites young patrons to support the arts
The Toe Shoe Circle invites young patrons to support the arts

Enjoy the Arts (The Ballet is Coming!)

There are so many things to enjoy in the Philippines, and one of the most underrated is the art scene. Try gallery hoping on idle days. Whether you make a pilgrimage to Antipolo’s Pinto Gallery (where you will experience the best of modern art) or stick to your comfort zone at the well-curated Yuchengco Museum in Makati, it’s always a good thing to open your mind and learn something new. A reminder: The National Museum of Natural History has just been renovated, and its looking as beautiful as ever! Maybe it’s time to take a break from NETFLIX and take a trip down to Manila. We promise, you won’t regret it (although we suggest you go during the day, to avoid harsh rush hour traffic).

We also recently talked to Lauren Liechtenstein (who is also on our June 2018 cover with Laura Lehmann and Xandra Rocha-Araneta) who is involved with The Toe Shoe Circle, an organization founded to help fund Filipino ballerinas’ needs for toe shoes to dance in season after season. If you’re an aspiring art patron, click our article if you’re interested in learning and joining. The new season of Ballet Philippines opens in September, and the Toe Shoe Circle is offering a ton of benefits if you decide to join. For example, you’ll get 30% off on single ticket prices, have a chance to book seats before sales open to the general public, meet the dancers and team behind the productions, and other special discounts with partner establishments. 

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Tableside service will carve the duck that is served with traditional paper-thin Chinese pancakes, strips of cucumber, hopisin sauce and sugar
Tableside service will carve the duck that is served with traditional paper-thin Chinese pancakes, strips of cucumber, hopisin sauce and sugar

Eat to Your Hearts Desire

If you’re ready to brave the traffic and go on a food trip, Manila has a growing culinary scene waiting to be discovered. We’ll list some of our favorites for your reference. The first is Argentinean restaurant La Cabrera. Known for juicy steaks and savory South American cuisine, the premium eatery has just announced their newest promo (read the full food story here). Their stellar new Happy Hour promo offers patrons 40% off on their menu between 5:00-6:30 PM on weekdays. This doesn’t only include their selection of cocktails and tasty Lagarde wines, but also their food items! Imagine ordering a Ojo de Bife (a large, 400g melt-in-your mouth rib-eye steak) with unlimited sides for such a good price. Early dinner is in session, folks.

For those looking for more oriental flavors, the Peking duck at No. 8 China House, located at the newly opened Grand Hyatt Hotel in BGC, is an absolute must-try. Prepared for 48-hours, the duck has no preservatives, and is cooked in a specially made oven using burning mango wood! They’ve got the art down to a tee. When the duck is finally cooked, one of the restaurant’s master chefs comes to you tableside and carves it right before your eyes. Enjoy the crispy skin first with a little bit of sugar, and then the succulent meat inside in-house made pancake wraps. It is the ultimate luxury comfort food for the wet days! It instantly transports you to the Middle Kingdom!

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