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Happy Independence Day! We over at Lifestyle Asia believe in living true lives of luxury. Beyond designer labels, glitzy events, and jet-set lifestyles, there is a way to achieve a truly luxurious life, and that’s by giving back to the world the best way you can. And we don’t mean simply writing a check or Instagram-ing that you bought a table at the latest charity ball, but to truly give back to the world, we need to be the best version of ourselves.

We need to stay happy. We need to stay focused on making ourselves better in every aspect. We need to be open minded. We need to be willing to learn from others, and more importantly, we need to be able teach others the positive things we’ve learned ourselves. No, not by giving pointers on the hottest new clubs to hit, but by enriching each other’s minds through important lessons that could uplift our community as a whole. Have you discovered a new brand that donates their proceedings to help fight hunger? Tell a friend about it. Do you know a charity or organization worth supporting? Tell a friend about it. Information is our greatest weapon. It’s time to use social media as a tool for love instead of hate. Be a well-informed citizen. Be a good teacher to those older and younger then you.

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We need to care for the environment. We need to stop throwing cigarettes on the ground. We need to start bringing re-usable bags when shopping at the malls or groceries. We need to conserve energy and water. Learn to save. Learn to recycle. You may be children now, but the resources you use today, will be the resources YOUR children won’t have tomorrow. Do you feel that participating in Earth Hour really makes a difference? Tell a friend why and then tell them to tell a friend. Do you believe in a world without plastic? Tell a friend why and then tell them to tell a friend. Don’t post your metal straw on social media, but actually use it religiously.

We need to show-off the Philippines as a place that shouldn’t be taken for granted. We need to dream big and show the world our capabilities and talents. We need to strive hard but remain humble. We need to stop supporting corruption and crime. We need to stop underestimating our country, and start working to build a better one. Do you believe in a better Philippines? Tell your friends and work on it together. Do you believe in our generation improving the country’s current situation? Tell your friends and work on it together. Don’t waste time commenting on terrible news headlines and writing long verses about it on your Facebook account. Use your voice and change the world. It is not impossible, and you’re too bright not to do it.

I promise you, every time someone decides to be better or use their resources to inform and enrich others, the world becomes a better place. We’re not super heroes that can stop hunger, pollution, corruption, and everything in one day. But we can strive to do so. And if one day, we’re successful, we’ll be living “true lives of luxury” together. Our generation deserves it, but it all starts with YOU.

Happy Independence Day!

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