Gems For A Gem: A Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide

  • November 3, 2017

There’s a special chill in the air once again, and holiday festivities are getting closer and closer by the minute. Yet, before we all get entangled in this season’s abundant offering of dazzling lights, cocoa-by-the-fire music, and overflowing glasses of wine, let us not forget the most cliché yet most important reason for the season: love.

It is finally the season to give back to those who have helped you in your life’s full journey—the precious gems that have kept your feet on the ground and your chin held high all these years. In the spirit of unconditional generosity, we here at Lifestyle Asia thought of giving these said gems their very equivalent: jewelry to last them a lifetime and remind them of the stewardship they have offered in your life.

Let us help you give back to these rays of sunshine with JANINA for Jul Dizon: works by jeweler and gemologist Janina Dizon, who celebrates 10 years of creating wonderful works of jewelry art with a lot of heart.