‘The Best Car in the World’ Is So Good, It Has Only Been Redesigned 8 Times

  • October 23, 2017

‘The Best Car in the World’ has finally been redesigned after so many years. Say hello to the Rolls-Royce Phantom, the motor car’s 8th iteration. 

Ever since Sir Henry Royce’s first design of the Rolls Royce in 1925, the pinnacle motor car has more or less stayed the same over the years, albeit a few retouches here and there; This is probably why up until today it stands as one of the ultimate status symbols in modern day society, thus making it capable of creating a fission of anticipation whenever a new release is announced. 

That being said, we urge you to bottle up your excitement until the end of this article, because we’ve got some news for you.

Powerfully making its way into the busy streets of SEA is the all-new Rolls-Royce Phantom, clad in the most royal Belladonna Purple hue, finished with a two-tone contrast interior in Arctic White and Purple Silk. The model will be available in both Standard and Extended Wheelbase versions.

Boasting of a quieter, smoother, and more refined drive due to its all-new aluminum ‘Architecture of Luxury’, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is one that commands attention. It is after all an enormous car with an overpowering presence. To be meters from it is intimidating, almost life-changing for those new to its concept.

Once an only wish to be a patron, who is entitled to enjoy the experience of catching envious stares as they bask in the new Phantom’s interiors, which mirrors the vibe of a 5-star luxury hotel.

Also inside is ‘The Gallery’, a reinvention of the motor car’s dashboard for the first time in 100 years. It is here where patrons will be able to display art that is closes to their hearts, making the experience all the more personal.

So far so good, yes?

We wouldn’t want to spoil the rest for you. One can only really appreciate a Rolls-Royce if they’ve experienced one for themselves. Therefore, mark your calendars!

First deliveries of the car are expected in Q1 of 2018.