A Peculiar Place For An Equally Peculiar Halloween Staycation

  • October 19, 2017

Tuve Hotel is not for everyone, which makes it all the more alluring.

Gold etched onto concrete, various copper and rose gold tones splashed upon dark-hued walls, the Tuve Hotel’s mysterious, almost otherworldly vibe will bring that extra amount of ‘spooky’ into your Halloween holiday staycation.

“Our task was to design a hotel 66 people might like,” says Lam Wai Ming, design principal of Design Systems, referring to the number of rooms the boutique hotel has. “We have a competitive hospitality market here in Hong Kong. With 635 hotels in the city, it’s important we offer something different if we are to stand out. For us, it’s the ability to offer not just a quiet respite from the city, but also an emotional experience through the act of discovery and surprise.”

The inconspicuous entrance to Tuve serves as a gatekeeper to the surprises inside

Tuve Hotel is on Tsing Fung Street in Tin Hau, an area of Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district uncharacteristically quiet and laid-back compared to the rest of the city. It is dotted with eateries and convenience stores, the streets shrouded by the shadows of slender residential towers.

The play of metal, concrete and glass combine to give a spectacular light show in the otherwise minimalist lobby

Entering the hotel’s double glass doors, the darkness can be unnerving for first time visitors, with the sudden absence of audible and visual noise a welcome respite from the stimulation overload of the city.

The unexpectedly dark hotel lobby, with the interaction of metal, concrete, and glass make for a spectacular light and shadow show. The only furnishings in the lobby are a giant counter topped with a galvanized brass surface and a steel bench on either side.    

The powder room in the lobby includes an all-marble interior and a chemically rusted gold mirror

The seemingly ascetic approach to luxury means the Tuve experience is not for mainstream tastes, but a narrow slice of the market: guests with an eye for design, and a passion for experience. Consider our Halloween plans full, because we’re jetting to Hong Kong ASAP. 

Tuve Hotel is located at in 16 Tsing Fung Street, Tn Hau, Hong Kong.